Dear Bloggers,
I hope this Tuesday evening finds you well. It’s that time again! Let’s jump right into it, shall we? 
My two little bits of sharing today are going to be:
Self worth. What do I mean? We live in a world where getting praise from others is something we strive for. How good does it feel when someone gives you kudos for a job well done or compliments your look. Pretty awesome, right? But then when someone goes into very specific detail about how AMAZING you are, it makes your whole day. My first tip to you is, don’t wait for someone else to say it. Say it to yourself. It may sound silly, but look in the mirror every morning and give yourself the props you deserve. You’re GOING to get that job. You look HAWT. I have what it takes. My day is my own. And so is my life.
Haters. And not just the haters; the doubters too. We all will encounter these people at some point in our lives. Not if, but when. And I’m going to be brief on this, Bc haters and doubters don’t deserve my time, or yours. Remember, when someone is hating on you, just feel bad that they missed out on knowing an incredible guy or girl, as well as a pretty bad ass friendship. 
You’re worth more than the opinion of someone trying to bring you down. But you also owe it to your fellow man not to be that person either. ✌🏼️ 



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