Think it Through Thursday

Dear Bloggers,

I hope this Thursday evening finds you all well! Today was an ok day. Not horrible so I am thankful for that! 

I wanted to take this time to blog about something I scoped about on Periscope (@fabfeatureboss7), again. The word for the day was “loved”. 

What I chose to share with my viewers was something I saw on the Steve Harvey Show. As well as talking about in church. 

We as humans, tend to love our spouses, friends, and family, the way WE want to be loved. Not the way THEY want to be loved. And it’s not intentional by any means. It’s just how we operate.

This can be a common factor in relationship difficulties. For example; I want to be loved with quality time and physical touch. While my spouse may want to be loved by words of affirmation and gifts. 

We are all different. And that’s OK! 

My point is, if you find yourself and your spouse (or friend/family) struggling on a somewhat regular basis, I encourage you to google “Love Languages”. There’s actually a book on it as well. Take the test. And see what you come up with. I PROMISE you, it WILL help! 

Have a wonderful Thursday night, and here’s to FRIDAY! 🍻

Xoxo💋- J’aimée 


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