Missed you all!

Dear Bloggers,

It’s been a hot minute, but I am back for “Twosday”! Let me start off by saying thank you again for your support and love! As well as patience with me. I was dealing with personal things and needed to get my mind and heart back to the right place. 

The two subjects I want to talk about today, or tonight rather, are trust and loyalty. 

We will start with trust. And I am not referring to trusting others. I mean yourself. Yep, you. I actually really struggled with this for a long time. Even recently. I bought a Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi. And even though I have driven vehicles bigger than this truck, I didn’t trust myself to drive it. But, I got behind the wheel and took off and I felt comfortable. Like a natural. Even though I’ve done things BIGGER, I still didn’t trust my experience to guide me. And I let it hold me back. Don’t let your fear take away your trust in yourself!

Next is loyalty, and again I am referring to yourself. Loyalty to your friends and family is important, right? Of course it is! But what about to you? Let me explain. I am a DS Rep. I’ve been doing this a year. And I LOVE it! However, I get made fun of a lot, A LOT! And I used to let what people said bother me and I continued to let them do it. But now, it doesn’t fly. I stick up for myself and I know my stuff. I wasn’t being loyal to my passion or knowledge for my business. At all. And that’s not ok. I should have been proud of what I accomplished in a short time, and am still accomplishing. As should you!

So that’s my blog for today! Thanks for reading and I’ll be posting tomorrow! 


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