What do you think?

Dear Bloggers,

Good evening and I hope this post finds you well! 😘

Today I wanted to write about something I discussed in Periscope. (@fabfeatureboss7)

I was watching “My 600 pound life” and this clip showed this woman from the show before her procedure and weight loss. She was on a scooter and an older gentleman made the comment of if she got any bigger she would need a bigger scooter. And the lady pulled over to the side, and began to cry, while the man and another man continued to talk about her. 

My heart broke for this woman. 

I know what it’s like to be bullied. I was bullied for ten years as a child as well as being physically beat up at school and/or daycare. Even had my nose broken when I was 5 years old, because I wanted to play powerangers with a group of kids. (Kids are a holes). 

My point for this blog is, never judge someone. Ever. Either find out their story (FROM THEIR MOUTHS) or keep your mouth shut. We never know what bullying someone can do. 

I hope you all have a wonderful evening, and will post tomorrow!

Xoxo💋- J’aimée 


Missed you all!

Dear Bloggers,

It’s been a hot minute, but I am back for “Twosday”! Let me start off by saying thank you again for your support and love! As well as patience with me. I was dealing with personal things and needed to get my mind and heart back to the right place. 

The two subjects I want to talk about today, or tonight rather, are trust and loyalty. 

We will start with trust. And I am not referring to trusting others. I mean yourself. Yep, you. I actually really struggled with this for a long time. Even recently. I bought a Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi. And even though I have driven vehicles bigger than this truck, I didn’t trust myself to drive it. But, I got behind the wheel and took off and I felt comfortable. Like a natural. Even though I’ve done things BIGGER, I still didn’t trust my experience to guide me. And I let it hold me back. Don’t let your fear take away your trust in yourself!

Next is loyalty, and again I am referring to yourself. Loyalty to your friends and family is important, right? Of course it is! But what about to you? Let me explain. I am a DS Rep. I’ve been doing this a year. And I LOVE it! However, I get made fun of a lot, A LOT! And I used to let what people said bother me and I continued to let them do it. But now, it doesn’t fly. I stick up for myself and I know my stuff. I wasn’t being loyal to my passion or knowledge for my business. At all. And that’s not ok. I should have been proud of what I accomplished in a short time, and am still accomplishing. As should you!

So that’s my blog for today! Thanks for reading and I’ll be posting tomorrow! 


Not All That Bad

 Dear Bloggers,
I know I am writing late tonight. Once again, the day has been busy! I’m sure you guys can relate. Good news is tomorrow is Thursday. Which is one day closer to Friday! Woot!
I’ve been thinking all day on what I wanted to blog about. And I have come to one specific topic, that I am hoping I can get some good feedback on. 
As I’ve stated before, I am a single mom of three kids. I run a makeup biz. Work full time on top of that. I run my household and raise my kids alone. And that can wear on my soul sometimes. All of my closest friends are married. It is very difficult to relate to them. Even the ones who have been a single parent themselves. When I say I am a single parent, I mean I do it COMPLETELY on my own. There is no other parent to raise them with. Or to help with the costs of raising them. 
I talked yesterday about patience. And this is something I wanted to step into, but didn’t have the words to, I guess. 
When it comes to being patient, this is my hardest wall to break through. This is what breaks me down mentally and emotionally. I won’t go into the vivid details but let’s just say if you can think of a way to be dumped or end up single, I’ve been through it. Even losing the man I planned to marry to a sudden death. 
I had hoped that starting my business would distract me and even begin to let me improve myself and my worth. And it worked. For a little while. But for some reason it’s really beginning to take a second toll on me. 
I guess what I am trying to say, or ask, is there has to be more I can do, but what? Please comment your advice, because I need it. 
Thank you.
Xoxo💋- J’aimée  

Happy Twosday! 

Dear Bloggers, 

I hope this Tuesday afternoon finds you well. It’s been a busy busy day on the work front, and just my luck, I go to check my biz website and it’s down! Not what I wanted to see! Oh well. That’s life right? 

Something I enjoy doing on Tuesday’s is sharing two tips (hence the “Twosday”) with my followers on what helps me through my life, struggles, and even my successes. 

So, since I am dealing with how to be patient, we’ll go with that one first. I know being patient can seem like a rea inconvenience some days, and you just want to get your stuff done! However, I like to take time back and think this is probably happening because I need to focus my attention on something else right now. Like this post. I was going to do some work into my back office, but since that’s down, now I have the time to write for you! See the pattern here?

My next tip is appreciation. When things like this happen and I get flustered, I try to remember, for one, this isn’t required of me, I do this because I enjoy it. For two, how about I appreciate the fact that I have the means, freedom, and the time to even write this blog in the first place. I’m sure we all could use a little reminding of how blessed we are, even when we feel like we aren’t. 

So that’s it for today. I hope you all are having a great start to your week! As soon as I explore this site some more, I will be sure to follow, like, and comment back to all of you!

Xoxo💋- J’aimée 


Day One. 

Dear bloggers,

I hope this Monday evening is finding you well. It’s been a rather rough one for me. But I made it! Thank the good Lord above for that!

This is my second attempt as a blogger. I just found WordPress and I have to say, I dig it! So please be patient with me as I am finding all the shortcuts and cool tricks to operating this wonderful network in the hopes of encouraging, inspiring, and entertaining you with my stories, tips, and life of being a single working mom with her own biz. 

I’ve been a business owner for one year now, and my only regret is I did not start it sooner. I really didn’t know what my passion was until I found this opportunity, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. 

My goal for this blog is to help others find their passion and balance. 

Until tomorrow.. 

Xoxo💋- J’aimée.  

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